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Application of Medical Report

Patients’ medical information is confidential. The release of confidential medical information is subject to the approval of the hospital.

Documents and Payment for Medical Report application

  • An official letter indicating the purpose of obtaining a medical report.
  • The Patient’s written consent. For a patient who is below 21 years old, the consent of the patient's parent or legal guardian is required. (Click here to download consent form)
  • Payment for the medical report can be done via cheque, cash, NETS or credit card. Cheque should be crossed and made payable to the “Institute of Mental Health”. The cheque should  be mailed to:
    Institute of Mental Health
    Medical Records Office
    10 Buangkok View
    Singapore 539747 

Other information that would facilitate the medical report application process

  • Medical reports that have been obtained from other healthcare institutions including private psychiatrist reports.
  • Previous assessments done for the patient (for example IQ tests, Psychological assessment report).
  • State the patient’s preferred language during the assessment if the main language is not English. Translator service fee will apply.

Types of medical report

 Report Type     Fee 
(as of Aug 2019) 
Estimated Time Taken **  
Ordinary Report 

The report will be written based on the patient’s clinical information that is documented in the hospital. No assessment will be required in the preparation of the report.   

$128.40  2 to 4 weeks  
Specialist Simple Report  / Specialist Complex Report  

The report requires a doctor’s opinion and may require the doctor’s assessment of the patient and will be written based on the clinical information that is documented in the hospital. The requirement for assessment is subject to a review by the doctor. More detailed report and/or assessments will require a Special Complex Report to be written for which the Complex Report fee will apply. 

$251.45 or 


4 to 6 weeks (Simple Report) 

 6 to 8 weeks (Complex Report)  

Forensic Report 

The report requires a doctor’s opinion that is related to forensic matters and requires the doctor’s assessments/interviews with the patient and/or his/her family. The report includes the fitness to plea, a patient’s mental state at the time of the alleged offense or causal link between the patient’s mental condition and the commission of offense. This report fee will only be advised after the doctor’s complete assessment of the patient’s condition. 

 $2568 (External Remand) 
minimum 12 weeks 
Medical Report under the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 

Details of the Mental Capacity Act can be obtained from the Office of Public Guardian website. The report requires our doctor to type in the Form 224 under the Mental Capacity Act. The application for this report often comes with the signing of the Affidavit upon the completion of the report. The processing fee of the Affidavit is   $107.  

$1391  10 to 12 weeks 
Expert Opinion / Second Opinion Report 

The report requires the professional / expert opinion from our doctor in relation to a professional subject matter or requires our Doctor to comment on other private psychiatrist reports.  

$5350   minimum 12 weeks 













**Depending on the type of report and complexity of the case, the following are some examples of situations where the medical report may take a longer time to be completed.  

  • The patient is hospitalised when the report is being prepared.  
  • The doctor is on leave or away for conference. 
  • The patient requires further assessment(s) before the doctor can complete the report. 

Payment for medical report

Payment must be made in full before the medical report will be released to the patient/ requester. For any shortfall of the medical report fee, a top-up is required. If the payment made exceeds the medical report fee, a refund cheque will be processed by Finance Department and sent to the patient/payer within 2 months.

Assessment by doctor

The doctor, who is preparing the report, may order other tests/assessments for the patient to undergo. The following are additional fees which are excluded from the medical report fee and will have to be paid in full before the release of the medical report

  • Outpatient appointments
  • Medications
  • IQ/Psychological Assessment
  • Laboratory tests

Validity of medical report

The medical report is valid for only 6 months from the report date. A fresh application is required after the medical report has expired.

Cancellation of medical report application

Please call us to enquire on the status of the medical report for cancellation request.  

  • An official cancellation request must be made in writing through letter or email indicating the reason of cancellation.
  • An administrative fee of $21.40 will be charged for the cancellation.
  • If the cancellation is approved, a refund cheque will be processed by our Finance Department and sent to the patient/payer within 2 months.
  • Cancellation is not allowed if the doctor has already started writing the report. No refund will be made.

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