​​Feeling Blue
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Category : Adult
Author : A/Prof Daniel Fung & Carolyn Kee with Dr Rebecca P Ang
Item Code : 9789812618870

This book will prove to be a source of comfort and help for anyone who has been affected by depression, whether parents, siblings, friends or teachers.

Growing up is filled with its ups and downs, and what is often deemed as simply "a phase", could involve deeper issues including depression. Depression can affect anyone, and it is a potentially devastating illness that can wreck lives. With their combined years of experience in working with youths and their parents, psychiatrist A/Prof Daniel Fung and psychologists Carolyn Kee and Dr Rebecca Ang, address the issue of depression among youths, highlighting the causes, symptoms, treatments and complications in this book. Detailed information can be found on:

  • How to identify the signs of depression
  • How depression is diagnosed
  • What parents should know
  • How youths can take control and manage depression
  • What steps schools can take towards suicide prevention
  • What resources and helplines are available
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