​​ Essential Guide to Psychiatry (Bundled)
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Category : Adult
Editor : A/Prof Sim Kang, A/Prof Somnath Sengupta, Prof Daniel SS Fung, and Dr Chee Kuan Tsee
Item Code : 9789814576550

The Essential Guide to Psychiatry is a recommended resource for medical students, as well as a practical reference book for practising psychiatrists and mental health professionals from various fields. Informative and easy-to-read, this comprehensive textbook covers a range of mental health topics, with perspectives based on Asian cultures, primarily in the Singapore context. The Essential Guide to Psychiatry is learner-centric, providing up-to-date evidence and illustrations, with objectives clearly stated. It reflects an integrated and multi-disciplinary assessment, treatment and rehabilitation process in the management of psychiatric disorders.

This bundle includes both the hard copy of the book and the ebook. Hardcover, thread sewn. Access card for download of ebook will be sent after purchase. Please refer to access card for instructions on how to download ebook.

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