Clinical Topics in Personality Disorder
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Category : Adult
Editor : Dr Jaydip Sarkar and Gwen Adshead
Item Code : 9781908020390

Personality disorder used to be a diagnosis of exclusion, a condition deemed ‘untreatable’. This situation has been transformed in the past 10 years, with a huge expansion of research and clinical interest in personality disorders: what it is like to have a personality disorder, what sort of services are helpful, what treatments work best and what staff need to know.

This book provides an expert synthesis of these clinical advances. It covers the nature of personality disorders, assessment, diagnosis and classification, management and a broad range of therapeutic approaches. Written by practitioners with real expertise in the field, the book is equally suitable for psychiatric trainees and more experienced clinicians from the full range of disciplines in mental healthcare.

  • Up to date and comprehensive.
  • Includes service user experiences.
  • Draws on a wealth of real clinical experience.
  • Eclectic range of therapies and approaches.
  • Covers all age groups and specialist settings.

This book is particularly relevant for any healthcare professionals caring for those with personality disorder. It will also be useful for psychiatric trainees, those working in forensic services and anyone in the multi-disciplinary mental health team.

This book has also won the first prize for the Best Medical Book in Psychiatry in 2013, awarded by British Medical Association.

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