​​​It takes a village to support mental health recovery.

The focus of community rehabilitation is on empowering the people with mental health challenges towards independent living in the community, and strengthening family relationships.

The key strategy to achieve these is through providing education and psychosocial support for people with mental health challenges and their caregivers to:

  1. enhance effective coping skills,
  2. compliance with medication,
  3. reduce hospital admissions or length of stay, and
  4. improve their quality of living.

The Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) of IMH provides education, counselling and daily living skills training for patients. This multi-disciplinary team consists of doctors, medical social workers, nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists.

The team also coordinates care by connecting recovering individuals to relevant community resources provided by local voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) such as the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS).

Doing your part in community mental health

You can play a part in supporting someone’s mental health recovery.

You could attend public forums on mental health or arrange for a group visit to IMH to have a better understanding of mental illness. You could also choose to volunteer at IMH and befriend patients, visit them at home or in the hospital, or accompany them for some social activity or to the clinic for consultation. Such small acts of kindness will make all the difference to people who feel alienated because of their conditions.

Community Rehabilitation